Medical students

Students are our future. Our medical students will care for our communities' needs tomorrow. This is front of mind for us and it influences how we teach.

The University of Melbourne Shepparton Medical Centre is a purpose built teaching clinic. It is designed to be able to provide primary and secondary care in a parallel consulting service/teaching model. The teaching environment is enhanced by the centre's co-location with the University of Melbourne Department of Rural Health (part of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Science) and its proximity to Goulburn Valley Health (a large regional hospital).

The clinic's layout promotes high quality care and effective teaching. With 20 consulting rooms to facilitate parallel consulting, it offers space for students to assess patients on their own before presenting their findings to their supervisors. Consulting rooms are grouped around a well equipped onsite teaching hub for both formal teaching sessions and informal interactions between team members including students. The centre has two well equipped procedure rooms and excellent facilities for practice nurse staff who are central to the team-based model of care. The team is committed to a collaborative, multidisciplinary, person-centred model of care.

Medical students attending the centre will typically be on a one year placement in general practice in their second clinical year, or undertaking a six-week placement in their final year. We provide approximately “700” to over 700 teaching sessions for medical students every year. Throughout the year we also support La Trobe University, Shepparton Campus by providing two week placements for Nursing students.

Our senior GPs provide the medical and teaching leadership. Trained both overseas and in Australia, they have a broad range of experience in general practice and teaching and they all share and nurture the clinic’s values:

  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Care
  • Quality
  • Teamwork

They have more than 100 years of general practitioner and teaching experience.