We are a learning organisation - constantly evaluating what we do and how we do it. We believe that this is a prerequisite for being a good teaching organisation. We are a real general practice that treats teaching and learning as core business. We offer experiential learning - students and registrars are included in all facets of the service: The consulting room with doctors and nurses, staff meetings, clinical meetings, our back-of-house services and our service development initiatives. That is because being a GP and working in a general practice is about a whole lot more than what happens in the consultation. We aim to give our students a true sense of general practice's beauty - the simplicity of its concept and the complexity of its execution.

At the moment, we focus on medical students and GP registrars. However, we are now exploring whether we can offer a similar, high quality learning experience for nurses.  We note that the federal government's freeze of Medicare and increasing discussion of a new payment mechanism point towards the introduction of medical homes and capitation. This is a funding model that incentivises efficient and effective provision of care instead of high throughput. We believe that the development of nurses to include care coordination is a critical step towards better primary care, particularly in a capitation model. Already, the role of primary care nurses has transformed - our nurses are health practitioners in their own right, with particular expertise in chronic disease prevention and management.