Billing schedule

Billing policy

Consultations with doctors

A printable (PDF) and more detailed version of our medical schedule of fees is available here.

If you are happy to have medical students involved in your care and answer YES to one or more of the following questions, you will be bulk billed for standard consultations.

  • Are you under 16 years old?
  • Are you over 75 years of age and have an active health assessment?
  • Is your healthcare covered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs?

For everyone else an out-of-pocket fee applies to consultations, regardless of duration:

  • Private Consultation Fee $34
  • Concession Card Holder Fees $21 (Health Care card & Pension card holders)

Additional bulk-billed services for everyone

You will not be charged an out-of-pocket fee if:

  • Your visit relates to managing a chronic disease under a GP Management Plan (special Medicare rebates apply) or a Mental Health Plan (special Medicare rebates apply).
  • Your visit relates to a Health Assessment (special Medicare rebates apply)
  • Your doctor asks you to return for results of imaging or pathology tests. Please note that if you would like to discuss anything else (scripts, unrelated concerns etc.), you will need to make a separate appointment.

If you are concerned about your mental health, live with a chronic disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or if you think you are at risk, please speak to one of our GPs about your eligibility for the above care plans.

Allied health

Please ensure you can pay the total fee on the day.  If you live with a chronic condition, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for up to five allied health services in a calendar year.* Also, many private health insurers will offer rebates for allied health appointments - check with your insurer.

Exercise physiologist (Simon O’Keeffe)

Type of appointment You pay Your Medicare rebate*
First / long appointments (60 minutes)

Reviews / short appointment
(30 minutes)



* Medicare rebates only apply if you are accessing the dietitian or exercise physiologist with a referral your GP made under a special Medicare program called a Team Care Arrangement. If you do, you can get a Medicare rebate for up to five allied health services in a calendar year. Talk to your GP if you live with a chronic disease and think you would benefit from these allied health services. If you are not eligible for a Team Care Arrangement or would like to see our allied health practitioners, you can of course still access them privately, with or without a referral.

Mental Health Social Worker (Fran Smullen)

Eligibility You pay Government pays
People with GP referral and mental health plan referred under certain government programs such as Better Access and Psychological Therapy Services (TPS) that meet specific eligibility criteria may be eligible for partial or full funding for a limited number of services. Clients are advised to check fees with our reception team when making bookings.   
Private clients $140 $0
TAC clients - claim number must be provided Free Full amount
Work cover clients - claim number must be provided Free Full amount
Cancellation fee for non-attendance $50