We are now looking for partners who are passionate about primary care: Prevention, team-based chronic disease management, keeping people as well as possible, investing our energies in our communities' quality of life.

If you are interested in any of the below, feel free to contact our management team:

Teaching & supervision

How do we know whether we taught well? How do we teach more than just clinical skills? GPs are doctors, small business owners, difficult-decision-makers, listeners... do we teach all of this? Should we? Would you participate in a regular network meeting for practices keen to innovate?

Innovative models of care

Are you interested in preparing primary health care for significant changes in policy direction? How do we best prepare for capitation? How do we do this with a realistic decrease in income brought about by Medicare freezes?

Quality of care

Are you interested in clinical quality? What does quality mean? How do we measure it? What do we do about poor quality? Would you be interested in bench marking quality across practices?