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We are your multidisciplinary team of nurses, doctors, and administrators. Together, we aim to provide you with healthcare that is tailored to your needs, in an environment that is caring, safe, and welcoming.

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Dr Saif Aswad

Dr Saif Aswad moved to North East Victoria in 2017 after working in Emergency Medicine in Sydney and Perth. Dr Aswad joins us to complete his final years as a GP Registrar, he enjoys all areas in General Practice and has a specific interest in Chronic Disease Management and Dermatology.


Dr Robert Campbell Medical Director

I enjoy the variety that comes from General Practice. No two days are ever the same. I have specific interest in preventative health, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and men's health in general. I want to help people to help themselves.

Personal interests include rugby union (Go Melbourne Rebels!), walking, and keeping fit.

Patients find me approachable and will warm to my sense of humour.


Dr Jane Gall

I have been privileged to be involved in patient care for 35 years. I have a belief in holistic, patient-centred care, considering all aspects of health and the "art "of medicine rather than just the treatment of disease. I have always enjoyed the variety of general practice. I have developed specific interest in women's health, mental health, palliative care and aged care. Teaching medical students gives me pleasure as well as energy and learning.

With family still based in Scotland, I do spend some time back visiting and the rest of my free time I am enjoying exploring Australia as well as being involved in local tennis and cycling - in a relaxed fashion!


Dr Alwin Hoelzl

I have very recently joined the practice. Before coming to Australia, I worked in remote areas on the Isle of Arran in Scotland for 7 years and have been with the lifeboat there as crew and doctor on board. For my doctorate, I have done research on sepsis in Germany. I am a GP at heart but have also worked extensively in elderly care, accident and emergency and pre-hospital medicine.

In private life, I enjoy walks, fishing, working with computers or just simply spending time with my family. I am married with two children.


Dr Elizabeth Kennedy

I am interested in people and their story. I love listening and trying to get to the root of the problem. My specific interests are Women's Health, Sexual Health and Mental Health.

Interests outside medicine are reading, being with friends and family and travelling.


Dr Samantha Phillips

Dr Phillips is a local resident who completed her medical degree and training in both regional NSW and VIC. She enjoys working and living in rural communities, providing medical care for a wide range of patients. Dr Phillips joins us as a GP Registrar – a fully qualified doctor undertaking specialist training as a general practitioner.


Dr Alfia Shvarts

I enjoy working in North East Victoria and have a specific interest in Women’s Health. Having spent my first year in General Practice at Eurora, I’ve joined Shepparton Medical Centre to complete my final year as a GP registrar – a fully qualified doctor undertaking specialist training as a general practitioner.


Dr Edmund Siauw

I believe in working together with my patients and their carers to achieve their optimum health -  this usually involves more than just medicine. I also aim to practice using only evidence-based approaches.

My specific interests are preventative medicine particularly cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I have recently commenced a certificate course in skin cancer medicine through the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. I am trained in the use of dermoscopy to look for skin cancer and I am happy to perform skin checks and minor surgery when appropriate.

I also enjoy talking with my patients about exotic food, soccer and travel!


Dr Derek Wooff

I am interested in general practice because I can get to know and treat people in a comprehensive, patient focussed, caring way - a chance to help people no matter what their problems are. I feel that being a GP is a good way to be part of and contribute to the wider community.

My specific interests include working with older people and children, as well as people living with chronic diseases including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. I am skilled at using neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy to help people change their health-related behaviours and phobias.

When I am not seeing patients, I enjoy spending time with my family, tennis, skiing, sailing, cinema, cooking, dining out, and live comedy.



Ms Allyson Callaghan
Practice Nurse (registered nurse)

Ms Gaynor Hobijn
Practice Nurse (registered nurse)

I love working in General practice for the variety of patients that we see and hopefully help. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I have helped clients with preventative health, or when parents are relieved because their child's immunisation was less traumatic than they imagined. I enjoy working with other nurses and doctors and love the input that we can have in the care of clients.

From pregnancy to the end of life, I just enjoy helping people and making a difference in a positive way.

I enjoy going to the gym - practicing what I preach! Love spending time with my family and friends, especially coffee catch ups.


Ms Jane Rinaldi
Team Leader
Practice Nurse (registered nurse)
Credentialled Diabetes Educator

I have had the privilege of working as a nurse for over 35 years. I have worked in a variety of settings, including hospital, community health, rural and remote areas, and general practice.

My background is midwifery/lactation consultancy. My role now in general practice is preventative health care across all ages. A current focus is diabetes prevention and management – working to improve diabetes outcomes through building self management skills in our clients. I believe in living well with chronic illness.


Ms Jan Wallace
Practice Nurse (registered nurse)

I have been a nurse in general practice for 15 years. I love the diversity of skills required in general practice - so different from working on the wards!

I am passionate about immunisation, wound care, healthy lifestyle and QUIT counselling.

My personal interests revolve around my family, travel and reading.


Allied Health

Mr Cameron McGregor

Simon O’Keeffe
Exercise Physiologist

Ms Fran Smullen
Mental Health Social Worker

Visiting Specialist Physicians

Dr David Prentice
Dr Joseph Saji
Dr Tom Schulz
Infectious Diseases Physician
Dr Liam Tjia


Ms Karah Bothwell
Ms Jill Davis
Ms Tameika Harrap
Ms Alison McConkey
Admin Team Leader
Ms Narelle Parker
Ms Suzanne Sherry
Ms Robyn Sutton


Ms Joanne Kinder
Operations Manager

Together, we strive to deliver excellent care: