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For our community

For you - Take charge.

At Shepparton Medical Centre, we believe that people benefit from taking an active interest in their own health - seeing themselves as an active member of the healthcare team. We also believe that you are the expert when it comes to your health. Here are some ideas that might get you started or even take you another step on the health journey.

Discuss. Shape your practice.

If you are interested in shaping your general practice and the services it provides, we'd love to hear from you. Write us an email with your thoughts, phone us for a chat, make a time with the executive director or business manager. Or if you are interested in being part of a patient advisory group, please get in touch!

Inform yourself.

There is an endless amount of information about health on the web. If you are the kind of person who likes to research symptoms and treatments, we think that's great - we encourage you to bring in what you have found and discuss it with your nurse and doctor.

Some of the information you find online is of high quality - accurate, regularly updated, well researched, and balanced. Here are some sources we think are a great start.

  • The Better Health Channel is a really comprehensive, well written and very trustworthy source. Highly recommend it. It's available as website and smartphone app (iPhone and Android).

  • The Cancer Council Victoria has a fabulous website about preventing and living with cancer. And not only that - there are more personal ways in which the Cancer Council can help.

Use technology to make things easier.

  • Did you know that we can upload your health information into a secure online health record that you can control? It's a Commonwealth government initiative called "My Health Record". It's a great way of taking your medical history with you if you move town and see a new GP. Or if you're a Grey Nomad travelling this beautiful country, doctors can use it to access your record in case of an emergency. This way, they will know what to consider even if you cannot communicate yourself - for example, whether you have allergies or need certain medications.
  • The free "My Child's Health Record app" is a simple way of keeping track of your child's health information, development, and immunisations - all in the one place. If your child is 14 years old or younger and has a My Health Record, you can download the app for android or iPhone.
  • Having trouble keeping on top of your medications? Would an automatic reminder help you to take the right pill at the right time, or to refill that script in time? Well - you can do all of this now with MedAdvisor. Whenever you fill a script at a participating pharmacy, the medication will automatically be added to your phone's MedAdvisor app - along with information on dosing and timing, safety, and how long you have left to refill. Download the app and find out more here!
  • Drop the darts - get help quitting cigarettes. The quit program offers a wealth of resources and ideas for people who are contemplating quitting - including mobile phone apps such as My QuitBuddy, or Quit for You - Quit for Two, an app for women who are or want to become pregnant.
  • If you're travelling around Australia (back packing or caravaning, for example) or at increased risk of hospitalisation, you could really benefit from your doctors and nurses having access to your health information. My Health Record is a government initiative to store your health information safely and securely online in an electronic health record that only you and healthcare professionals can access. You can decide what does and doesn't go into this record - you stay in full control. Find out more and register here.
  • Keep on top of your child's health needs! If you have already signed your child up for the eHealth record, you can now use the government's My child's eHealth record app on your iPhone or Android. Download it here.
  • My Heart - My Life is a smartphone app you can get for free from the Heart Foundation. It helps people with at risk of heart attacks to manage medication and heart related stats such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Find out more and download here.


We produce a monthly newsletter for our community. It includes updates on changes here at Shepparton Medical Centre, and tips and information about health. Have a browse through the current and previous versions.

For healthcare providers

Secure messaging

We use Argus and ReferralNet. It is our strong preference to submit and receive health-related communication such as referrals and discharge summaries via secure messaging. It is safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than faxing. We have only recently made the switch ourselves, and are keen to improve the uptake internally and externally. Contact the clinic to discuss and suggest improvements.